Counselling with Maxine

Welcome to Counselling with Maxine

I am friendly, warm and non-judgemental. Many clients comment on how easy it is to talk about anything with me, feeling my acceptance of them. During each counselling session I will give you my undivided attention, and even people who wonder what on earth they can talk about for a whole session are surprised at how easily they find it to talk and explore how they feel. Often clients comment about how helpful it is to talk, finding that it lightens their load; helps them see their situation from a different perspective; allows them to start loving them self. When appropriate and with the clients approval I use other techniques to help the client explore what’s going on for them or what they want to do; such as writing things down, maybe making lists. At other times using paper and coloured pens/ pencils or paint. At other times practising conversations. These and other techniques flow from the process of counselling in response to each client’s needs, and are carried out with respect of their personality and wishes, in a helpful way.

At Space to Journey Counselling, I highly value each individual and work in a person centred way, which means you and your needs will be the directing force for the therapy. You will have my attention and together we will explore your issues, underlying feelings and beliefs. In this way through your talking and being honest and my facilitation through active listening, acceptance, exploration and support you will gain a greater understanding of yourself and be enabled to make choices, decide what you want and move forward. In this way I provide an individualistic service to meet the differing needs of each client in a warm, non-judgemental, safe and confidential atmosphere.

I am highly qualified to Masters degree level in counselling and work in a professional way by adhering to the NCS and BACP  ethical guidelines for counsellors, which put the client’s best interests first. I take the work seriously and plan and prepare for the client before each session. Which will include thinking about previous sessions to determine what needs to be checked out, if an issue needs to be addressed, how to address it, and thinking about how to support and help each person to move forward. I continue to read books and information and attend training courses to keep myself informed of different issues. I use a contract which outlines what the client can expect of me and what I expect in return. I carry out regular reviews of the counselling process with each client, which entails my asking a few questions and together spending time to consider how the counselling is working out and whether it would be helpful to the client for us to make any changes. Also in line with current counselling guidelines I undertake regular supervision to ensure the client is given the best possible service.


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